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Remote CCTV Monitoring proactively identifies threats before personnel, assets or operations are compromised. Security threats can be detected, assessed and responded to quickly with minimal false alarms so that the Police can be deployed efficiently.

How CCTV Monitoring works

- The Central Monitoring Station dials into the CCTV System of a company and conducts a search of the area. This can be done on a random basis, according to customer requirements or upon alarm activations.
- If an intruder is detected with one of our perimeter protection technologies, the video and audio transmitters/recorders will transmit high-quality images to a central monitoring station (CMS) so operators can see exactly what is happening and initiate the appropriate response.
- Live/event driven video transmission, audio alerts, remote camera control and flexible integration capabilities provide full remote site surveillance and control, eliminating the need for on-site guards.


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