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Having a monitored Intruder Alarm means that as soon as you turn on your security system, trained experts will immediately begin to keep watch over your home or business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Alarm monitoring brings your security system to life linking it directly to a manned control centre with staff on stand-by, ready to respond to an emergency. This service allows you extra peace of mind and added security for your home, family and business.

Homeowners can also self monitor their intruder alarm via text message and also via app through Riscos Smart technology.

- No activation will go un-answered, there will be a response from either keyholder or Gardai.
- Health checks – your system can contact our monitoring station in the event that a fault occurs while you are away. Typical examples could be low batteries or faulty sensors.
- Reduction in home or Business insurance premiums — Insurance companies offer discounts for monitored intruder alarm systems.

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